New Home Designed for Guests

New Home Designed for Guests

New Home Designed for Guests

Let’s face it. You will be living in southwest Florida where the beaches are made of white sand, the temperature is near perfect year ‘round, and there is a golf course everywhere you turn. You WILL have your friends and family visit you. This kind of forward-thinking will allow you to plan the design of your new home to accommodate guests.

Whether your family will visit during the holidays or as a nice, warm winter getaway, you will want to have space to house them. Here are some things that you might want to consider during the planning of the floorplan on your new home.

Guest Bedroom: having a guest bedroom is not only great for visits from family, it is great for resale as well. When you have a guest bedroom, your guests will have their own space to place their clothing and luggage. It gives them a place to retreat and relax on their own. With the cost of flights to get down here, hosting guests in your new home for a week will save them immensely on hotel costs, especially in season.

Guest Bathroom: it is always nice to have an extra bathroom in the home, but especially nice for guests to have their own during a visit. This ensures that they have privacy while using the facilities and they won’t feel like they are “in the way” while visiting.

Nook or Desk Area: most people carry laptops and gadgets that need to be charged. Having an area set aside where they can get online and have some privacy if they need to work or simply post to social media. This is a nice feature and will make guests feel at home.

The main thing to remember is that it is important for guests to feel welcome and comfortable while staying in your new home. By planning out these areas, they will feel like they have a place to visit when the weather gets too cold up north. Perfect for the holidays and family reunions!

Harden Custom Homes has many floorplans that can be adjusted to accommodate your wishes. Or, start from scratch with a custom home uniquely made for you. Call us today at 239-205-5075 or contact us through our website at

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