Designing Your Driveway

Designing Your Driveway

Designing Your Driveway

Your driveway can be much more than where you park your car, but it’s very important that you consider how it works just as much, if not more, than how it looks.  However, you can still create a pleasing driveway while still making sure it provides its main function of giving you a place to park your car or easy entry into your garage.

With driveways, there are four main things to consider in determining the design you want.  The first is how you want the driveway to function.  A driveway that only needs to accommodate a single car will be different than one on which two cars need to pass one another.  Likewise, if you park one car in the garage but leave the other on the driveway, that will require a different design than if you park both cars either place at the same time.  Additionally, it’s important to consider how much additional parking you want in case people drive to visit you.

The second thing to consider is where the garage is positioned.  Whether or not the garage faces the street or is on the side of the house is important for the layout.  Most garages nowadays are attached, but some people may want the retro detached garage behind the house.  Whatever the case, the driveway will have to accommodate getting your car from the street to the garage, and this will involve considerations for the third thing: the terrain of the property.  Although most of Florida is relatively flat, there may be small local irregularities that need to be taken account of.  Street-side embankments or berms are usually rare in the area, but some raised areas may require it to slope upward.  Additionally, the plans for the landscaping will have to be considered when determining how the driveway will be laid out.

Finally, the last consideration to make is what kind of look you want for your driveway.  They can be simple or they can be grand, estate-like entryways.  Many people opt for a simple straight driveway leading up to the garage, but another popular option is a horseshoe driveway that makes a loop and offers separate entry and exit to the road.  This eliminates the need to back up.  Sometimes this horseshoe can be closed, allowing cars to make a loop, but combining the entry and exit to the road into one place.  These kinds usually require more space on the lot than straight driveways, but they can be visually interesting and also functional.

The driveway for your new custom home is an important design consideration, primarily for its intended function, but also for the overall look of the home.  There are many options, most of which depend on the use to which you intend to put the driveway, but aesthetic considerations also play an important part.  Just like all the other parts of your new home, you will want to carefully consider your needs and desires when designing the driveway.  If you have any questions about your new custom home design or about building a new custom home, be sure to contact Harden Custom Homes at (239) 603-6083 or stop by our Model Home at 2818 Tropicana Pkwy W., Cape Coral, FL 33993.

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