Define your Style and Create Your Dream Kitchen

Define your Style and Create Your Dream Kitchen

Define your Style and Create Your Dream Kitchen

When cookie cutter simply doesn’t cut it.

You have visited and checked out all kinds of standard set layout homes and are now sure of one thing. You want your home custom designed to suit you.

The question now becomes, what “IS” your style?

Are you more modern, transitional, country, do you lean towards traditional?

The vast majority when asked that question have no idea how to put what they like into words that an architect and designer will understand. It’s a whole foreign language.

Here are some easy tips that can make defining and narrowing down what it is you want to create far more simple for everyone involved.

  1. Collect Images that intrigue you
    Grab some design magazines, catalogs or search online. Don’t over think it. Cut out anything that visually grabs your attention.
  2. Organize and Categorize
    Once you have amassed a good collection go back through all your images and sort them into categories of items. (Islands, lighting, sinks, flooring, wall coverings, moldings, granite, etc.)From there you can decide what you like “better than” and “less than” and go through a process of elimination until you are left with just one concept for each.
  3. Collect with intent
    Now that you have things narrowed down you can see which pieces you may be missing. You can now look specifically for those items.
  4. Take these final images with you when you have a consultation with your home builder and or designer. Being able to show visually what you love and are looking for will save you time, money, energy and stress.

The beauty of the image collection process is that by eliminating what you don’t like it helps narrow down what it is you do like and would be happy incorporating into your new space.

Here are a few great resources for image ideas:

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