Deciding on the layout of your home

Deciding on the layout of your home

Deciding on the layout of your home

Choosing the right layout is one of the most important choices to be made when buying and or building a home.

Family growth needs to be considered. How many bedrooms will you need in your layout? Will there be a guest room? An in-home office? Will the master bedroom be separated from the others on one side of the home vs. the other? Have you considered a courtyard style home with a built-in mother-in-law suite?

The options are virtually endless. Both need and budget should be factored in. Another consideration is resale value. Single bedroom homes are almost unheard of here in SW Florida. They are harder to resell as there just isn’t as much demand.

With Harden Custom Homes, we offer a large assortment of models which you can customize to fit. Or, if you are so inclined, you can also start from scratch, coming up with your own completely unique design. We are only limited by physics!

Along with the number of bedrooms, the next question becomes the number of baths. Will there be a bathroom for every bedroom or will some share? Will you need a powder bath for guests and if there will be a pool out back will you be wanting a pool bath – with the tile floors we tend to choose here in Florida a pool bath is a great idea not only for convenience but when tile gets wet, it gets slippery. Falls happen as do injuries and lawsuits. It’s easiest to avoid them all together by doing the pool bath floor with something more grippy as a floor cover.

Moving on down the line of questioning, do you entertain? Do you love to cook? No matter what size or style of home, we all know where people tend to congregate… in the kitchen. If you have a smaller galley style kitchen, guests can get in the way. If you do cook and you do entertain think about doing an open format kitchen with a large island and sink, even the cooktop range can be installed there. Bar seating can be set on one side length of the countertop to allow for socializing as well as it just simply frees up your own personal space so you can cook, happily.

Single or multi-floor is also another important factor to consider. With lots being limited in size if you would like a larger home sometimes it can be helpful to build upwards adding an additional floor or even two. Age is a consideration as well as health. Stairs are fantastic exercise and great when you are young, but as we age sometimes stairs can become a hurdle.

There is so much to think about if you have never built a home before it can become overwhelming. The best way to make the process flow smoothly and easily is not to go it alone. Let the professionals here at Harden Custom Homes work with you to bring your idea of what a home should be to life. has a model home center located at 2818 Tropicana Pkwy W, Cape Coral, FL 33993. You can also reach us by phone, just dial 239-205-5075

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