What Does The Color of Your Home Say About You?

What Does The Color of Your Home Say About You?

What Does The Color of Your Home Say About You?

Choosing a paint color for the exterior of your home can be tough. You wander into Home Depot or Lowes and stare mindlessly at the wall of 3” paint samples. All of the colors look amazingly beautiful together.

Choosing one, or two if you are going with an accent color, can be mind-boggling. What looks fantastic on a small paper square when applied to a wall or a full house can be overpowering or look just plain weird. People, on average, repaint their homes here in Florida only once every five years. So once a color is chosen, it will be there for some time.

In most parts of the country home colors are fairly standard – browns, deep reds, white, blue, golds, even deep greens, but here in Florida because we are so tropical it opens up a whole new color palette to play in.

What color choices say about you:

White/Off-White  – classic, simple, clean, white gives a feeling of safety as well as being uncluttered or weighed down.

Reds – stimulating and passionate. Red is a wonderful color, just know that too much red can also make people feel excitable or even agitated. If you are high strung already, red may not be the ideal color for your home.

Blues – blues can give a sense of tranquility and calm strife. They can be healing and calming.

Greens – Green is a fresh bright color no matter the saturation level. It can increase wealth, encourage growth and be healing.

Gold/Yellow – brings increased focus and mental clarity. Bright and cheery it can raise the mood. Note: if your kitchen is yellow it tends to make people more hungry than usual, this is why so many fast food chains incorporate yellow in their advertising.

Pinks– can help open the heart and promote feelings of love and comfort. A pink house can literally symbolize that your home is where the heart is.

Terracotta | Orange – Helps brighten things up while still remaining neutral.

Neutrals – Tan | Gray – Stability, and structure are the impression these colors exude.

Purples – Can enhance spirituality and bring a fresh perspective to emotional issues. Purple is a color associated with royalty and all that is regal. Done correctly a purple home can be a show stopper.

Slight off tone matching accents lend a classic feel while the juxtaposition of 2 bright or jewel tones can take your home to a bold next level Key West feel. It’s all up to you. Designing your own home can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences you have in life. We would love to guide you.

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