Closet Space – Hers vs. His

Closet Space – Hers vs. His

Closet Space – Hers vs. His

When building a home, closet space is often one of the first considerations for a woman, yet last for a man. It can be a make or break for buying a home. The beauty of building a custom home is that you can customize it to fit your lifestyle – be it minimalist or pack rat.


Custom closets are all the rage. These are not your parent’s homes and you no longer need to argue over closet space. Architecture has changed and closets are no longer standard sizes which force you to pare down and accommodate your belongings to fit the space in your home. Now closets are built around your lifestyle and fashion sense.


Do you love shoes? Purses? Have a collection of suits that need hanging space? Do you dress inside the closet itself – requiring a dressing area or is that separate? Many closets are a room in and of themselves.


Will you share the closet – His/Hers? Intermixed or two sided? Or will you each have your own? Do you own more folding items or more hanging items? Optional sunglass, hat, purse or other accessories may require their own displays. Kids closets present a whole array of separate concepts – built in toy boxes or bins, pint sized shelving and hanging areas are just a couple of options.


Built in mirrors, lighting, and seating also need to be considered. Wall textures, wood and metal finishes chosen, carpeting and flooring… the choices and options really are endless.


The beauty is in the details. Your closet should be as one of a kind as you are. When constructing a custom home consider what you would like out of your closets and then meet with your builder. They are experts in the field and can walk you through step by step making your dream home come to life.

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