Choosing the Right Cabinetry for Your New Kitchen

Choosing the Right Cabinetry for Your New Kitchen

Choosing the Right Cabinetry for Your New Kitchen

Let’s face it we can design living room after living room, lanais, great rooms, you name it, where everyone gathers is in the kitchen. When a kitchen isn’t designed well that can lead to problems – overcrowding, guests in your way while you are trying to cook or clean up, tripping over pets, or smaller children, and more. That’s why at Harden Custom Homes we like to sit down with you, the future homeowner, and talk about the way you live. The way you entertain. Your family. All and all that your space will be used for. Are you a big cook? Do you bake? It all has an effect on not only the layout but cabinet space and choice.

No one loves “stuff” laying out all over the place, even in the kitchen area. Having ample drawers for silverware, snacks, a junk drawer or two, as well as cabinets for glasses, dishware, mugs, coffee cups, pots, pans, cookware, and of course appliances – mixers, beaters, rice cookers, air fryers, gone are the simple days of a few pots and pans, cooks know that gadgets are where its at. They save time and are convenient – but only if you have someplace to store them.

Choosing cabinetry is one of the most important internal home choices. We can customize the layout according to your square footage. There are some options to look at…

Will your cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling, and do you have extremely high ceilings? – if so you may even consider a rolling library ladder so you don’t have to keep a step stool around.

Do you have issues bending or back problems, if so ask about ergonomic cabinetry which keeps you from having to bend over and dig around underneath to find what you are looking for? they can pull out and up, or be arranged at knee hight rather than floor level.

Choice of material and finish are important for the look and resilience of the kitchen. Do you want a darker or lighter finish? It needs to be functional as well as stylish so a harder wood is more durable. It can always be stained. Countertops are a hot topic, not only are they right out in the open visually but they also need to be durable. Marble, Granite, and other stone tops are the most durable and attractive but there are of course other less extravagant options that are man-made such as Formica and laminate.

Your kitchen is totally your own, so feel free to mix, match and blend. Backsplashes can be made of stone, tile, glass, or just painted. We will help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams and a home you can live comfortably in and be proud of. Call us today at 239-205-5075 or visit

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