Ceramic or Porcelain: Which is Better?

Ceramic or Porcelain: Which is Better?

Ceramic or Porcelain: Which is Better?


As the future homeowner of a new construction home, you have a lot of decisions to make about the materials and finishes that are going to be used throughout. One such important decision is regarding the tiling of your home, especially the tiling that is featured in your kitchen, foyer, and other central areas.

The two most common types of tile used in modern homes today are ceramic and porcelain. While these two materials are similar in that they are both manufactured from baked clay, there are a few key differences to consider.


In terms of appearance, ceramic tiles tend to be darker and more reddish-brown in color, while porcelain is much lighter, largely due to the fact that porcelain is made almost exclusively from white clay that has been purified and refined. Because of this extra purification, porcelain tiles are much less susceptible to impurities than ceramic, which is produced from a much more porous type of clay. And although both tile types can be dyed to any desired color or pattern, with ceramic tiles, the design is merely printed on the very top layer and can be much more easily damaged than porcelain tile, in which the design runs through all layers.


In terms of durability, ceramic tiles are best used in areas that don’t receive a lot of traffic or wear and tear, because they can easily become weaker over time. Ceramic tiles should never be used outside, as they are sensitive to temperature changes as well as natural elements, and are best used for walls, backsplashes, and countertops. Porcelain, on the other hand, is more durable and stain resistant, and can easily be used for flooring and in outdoor areas.

Because of the larger density of porcelain, it can be difficult to work with and is truly best left to the professionals for cutting and installing. Ceramic title may appeal more to those who love a good DIY project, but can still require a more professional touch in order to ensure proper installation. In general, ceramic is less expensive than porcelain, however, it’s important to note that neither material is actually very costly when compared to others in the market such as quartz or corian. And while porcelain is more expensive than ceramic, the higher price does not necessarily make it the better option in all instances. The right question to ask is perhaps not, “Which is better?” but instead, “Which is the best option for my particular needs and situation?”

Need To Consult a SW Florida Custom Home Building Expert?

If you are unsure which material might be better suited for your new custom home or remodel, then the experts at Harden Custom Homes would be happy to guide you, as well as share their knowledge of other materials that might be even more suitable for you. Designing and planning for a new home from the ground-up can be overwhelming, but Mark Harden and his experienced team are always here for you to ensure that the process not only goes smoothly, but that you are nothing short of satisfied and happy with the final results.

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