Ceiling Accents – Things Are Really Looking Up!

Ceiling Accents – Things Are Really Looking Up!

Ceiling Accents – Things Are Really Looking Up!

When designing a home people often overlook the ceiling when in fact adding areas of interest to the structure above can enhance the overall look and feel of a space dramatically.

Gone are the days of cookie-cutter preplanned homes with standard eight-foot ceilings in every room. Our clients want areas of interest, focal points, conversation pieces and ways to make their living space, well, more livable.

Option 1Raise the roof! One option is to actually raise the height of the roof in a room. This can be straight across flat, on a slant, on a grade, or even as an A-frame.

Option 2Molding accents & beams. Adding design elements by using cross beams or crown or other variations of molding can provide stunning effects. Add recessed hidden lighting and your ceiling features will appear to glow when switched on.

Option 3Tray Ceilings – A recessed area that is sunken up into the ceiling itself, raised.

Option 4Texture – adding wood or other texture to a ceiling draws the eye upward. It makes the space appear larger.

Option 5 Medallions and light fixtures – adding ceiling medallions to lighting fixtures ads an air of grandiosity. Medallions range from a small 6” all the way up to 60” and up for hotel and ballroom applications.

Option 6Murals – though these days generally painted on walls, originally murals were often painted on chapel ceilings. Murals can brighten up a room and beautify a space. Who doesn’t love art?

Option 7Sky Lights – Natural light does a wonder for any room. Here in Florida watching thunderstorms through skylights can be a real dramatic treat. This type of light is great for houseplants.

Ceiling features can add drama and impact to a room without taking away any of your square footage. Talk with your Harden Custom Homes Representative and see what you can come up with for your custom home!

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