Captivating Master Bath Ideas You May Never Have Considered

Captivating Master Bath Ideas You May Never Have Considered

Captivating Master Bath Ideas You May Never Have Considered

When building a custom home its only natural to seek out innovative ideas that not only let you keep up with the Joneses but blow them completely out of the water. (While still staying within your budget of course.)

Let’s take a look at a few Master Bath ideas that aren’t normally included in your standard builds.

  1. A Humidity Controlled Exhaust Fan – We live in a high humidity environment. Taking a hot shower on a summery Florida day can produce your own little rainforest. These fans have options like multiple speeds, night lights and manual timers. They only use power when needed and do a great job at keeping mold and mildew at bay.
  1. A Dual Flush Toilet – While bidets never seemed to really catch on here in America, the dual flush high-efficiency toilet sure seems to be. With buttons on the tank for #1 or #2 respectively, you can choose to conserve water when you don’t really need that full force.
  1. Pocket Doors – Regular swinging doors are simply in the way the majority of the time, especially in smaller baths. Pocket doors slide and recess right into the wall.
  1. Curbless Showers – Tired of stubbing your toes on that metal divider rail? Now you don’t have to. Take it out completely with this new innovative minimalistic design. This curbless design is wonderful for the elderly.
  1. Electric Radiant Matts (Heated Floor Tile) – never step on icy cold floor tile again. These amazing heated tiles are easy to install and easy on your electric bill.
  1. One extra large sink – While the majority opt for dual his and hers sinks one of the newest themes is to have one very long/large sink. You still have your space but save on the area mounting is needed.

7. Great Lighting Design – Don’t go with the bare minimum of overhead can lighting. We promise you, once moved in, you will regret it. The master bath is often also your dressing and makeup area. You need to be able to clearly see how you look. Consider wall sconces as well as a lit magnifying mirror. Overall even light coverage with dimmer capabilities is ideal.

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