Are you building big enough?

Are you building big enough?

Are you building big enough?

Buying or building a home is one of the biggest decisions and purchases made in a lifetime. Though everyone decides on home ownership for different reasons it is important to really assess your needs as well as your finances before beginning the process in order to find that perfect balance between cost and desire.


We all want the most bang for the buck. That goes without saying. The question becomes, how much square footage space is enough? This answer is going to be different for every individual.


What to consider when deciding on home size:


The average home size here in Florida according to the National Association of Home Builders is 1700 sq. ft. With this size, configurations can be laid out a number of ways though usually have enough space for 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Perhaps you were thinking smaller or maybe larger. There is no one set right or wrong number. Our homes are a reflection of who we are and our lifestyles.


Choice now comes down to lifestyle.

Do you have a large family?

Do you have guests often where you would need a dedicated guest room?

Or would you need an in-home workspace or full-time office?

  • A game room?
  • A theater room?
  • A Bonus room?
  • Kid’s rooms?
  • Nursery?
  • Playroom?
  • Extra Powder Bath for guests?
  • Pool?

The options are endless

When deciding on square footage as well as other inclusions it is necessary to ask yourself:

How long do I think I will stay in this home?

Do I intend to keep it or flip it within a few years?

Will there be children in the future?

Is there a possibility of caring, in-house, for an elderly parent?
Many things could affect the need for space in your future. Planning now can save you a lot of headache down the road and possibly some money. A home office could be a significant tax write-off and a mother in law suite or guest room could save you thousands on an assisted living facility.


The beauty of building custom is that you can cut what you don’t need and add in what you do. This makes building as budgetarily friendly as possible. Generally making the overall decision to build an easy natural choice over endlessly seeking out just the right house to buy and hope for a good deal on.


Harden Custom Homes start at just $225k. Come chat with a Harden Homes Representative and let them work out a customized plan and quote for you. Visit or call 239-205-5075.

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