Build Your Own Private Oasis

Build Your Own Private Oasis

Build Your Own Private Oasis

We are blessed here in Florida with year round warm tropical weather, allowing us to enjoy the outdoors. It only makes sense to take full advantage of that when considering plans for building your home.

The majority of Florida home design layouts come with a lanai of some type standard. This can range from a 3’ x 6’ screen enclosure to a combination of enclosed and open-air areas and encompass an endless number of upgrades and additions.

This is one area of the home where creativity is fully allowed to soar. Creating your own retreat, your own back yard sabbatical, your escape from the hectic everyday world.

What would yours look like?

Lanai, patio, veranda, porch – whatever you call it, make it your own.

Ask yourself:

How much space will you need – Consider if you entertain guests often or mostly just enjoy the space with your own family. How much and what types of seating  – couches, chairs, loungers for catching some rays – all a consideration.

Do you want to include water features? – swimming pool, fountains, hot tub, grottos, koi ponds, waterfalls, and waterways are all options.

Will you include a built-in bar serving area? – a place to tuck away cold beverages keeps wet feet from tromping through the house after jumping out of the pool. Here in Florida with tile floors that can help keep accidents from occurring. This also makes entertaining a breeze.

Will the screen be fixed or automated? – Screen sections can be remotely controlled to lift up giving fresh air access without the net view. This can also be helpful in hurricane force winds which sometimes tear screening.

Fire Pit or Fire Place? – The allure of fire has dazzled humans since the days of the cave man. We all love to gather around a nice bright warm fire, even here in Florida many months do allow the temperature to drop enough to make this a wonderful evening option.

Outdoor Shower Area – It’s nice to rinse off before swimming and even better to be able to get the chlorine off of you and out of your bathing suit before calling it a day after a swim.

Privacy – Fences, trellised areas, solid or slat walls, plant barriers, there are several ways to enclose the area while still allowing it to have an open feel.

Whatever your vision, we would love to help you take it from idea to reality. Come chat with us. or give us a call at 239-205-5075.

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