Should You Build a Home Office?

Should You Build a Home Office?

Should You Build a Home Office?

If you are building a new home, something to consider is building a home office or study. Having a quiet, separate area to work is not a luxury, it can be vital to your business and your peace of mind.


While not everyone technically works from home, depending on their job, everyone needs a space that is their own to do bills, important paperwork, and organize their lives. If you do have the pleasure of working from home either part of the time or full time, designing a functional office space is crucial in the house design planning stage.


How much space will you need? Where will you put your desk? Will it face a window? Is it in a quiet area of the home? Upstairs or downstairs? Lighting – task or ambient – or both? Do you need storage space? Shipping space? Will it be just you working in there or will there be an additional desk needed?


Home offices can be written off on your taxes as a work expense as well in many cases so that is something to consider when designing. An extra bedroom, which still may add the very same square footage, would not be a write-off or deductible at all. You may save yourself money in the long run, simply choosing this type of layout.


Home offices have become quite creative. Built in wall shelving units, even wall desks that can fold up to make more additional room for project construction. Versatility is the name of the game.


If you are looking to build your new home, talk with the specialists here at Harden Custom Homes. We can design a custom office space that will make doing business a breeze with zero commute.

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