Bathtub versus Shower Stall

Bathtub versus Shower Stall

Bathtub versus Shower Stall

Whether or not you want to put a bathtub or shower stall in your bathroom will basically boil down to a personal preference.  Some people prefer the ease and simplicity of a shower stall, while others enjoy the romantic atmosphere of a hot bath.  However, there are other factors to consider that might influence your decision.

Many people as they get older or have limited mobility for other reasons will favor a shower stall because it’s easier to get in and out of.  There are options available for curbless showers that can make access by a walker or a wheelchair much easier, but even a standard shower stall is easier for people with limited mobility than climbing in and out of a high-walled tub.  There are many options available for shower stalls, and you should be able to find good looking shower stalls that match the aesthetic of the bathroom and the rest of the home. 

On the other hand, a bathtub offers the relaxing meditation of a hot bath.  It’s also much easier to bathe children and pets in a bathtub than a shower stall.  For many years, built-in tubs have been the main trend in tubs, but more and more people are moving back to freestanding tubs that can be the dominant piece in the bathroom, a central focus that ties the space together.

Under normal circumstances, taking a bath in a bathtub will use more water than a shower in a shower stall.  However, because many modern shower stalls have options for various water features, including multiple shower heads and spraying options, shower stalls can sometimes wind up using just as much water as a bath.

In the end, some people simply don’t make a decision between the two and install both a statement free-standing bathtub and a lavish shower stall together in the same bathroom.  This allows for the option of a quick and comfortable shower in the morning, or a hot, relaxing bath in the afternoon.  Since most homes have more than one bathroom anyway, it’s also possible to install a tub in one bathroom and a shower stall in the other.

Whatever you decide for your own new custom home, be sure to consider both the look and feel of the tub or shower as well as how you will most likely use it.  Depending on what you install, you might have to consider how big of a water heater you need.  If you have any questions about the bathroom of your new home, or any concerns about building your own new custom home, be sure to contact Harden Custom Homes today at (239) 205-5075 or stop by our model home at 2818 Tropicana Pkwy W., Cape Coral, FL 33993.

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