Are Ballrooms and Parlors Still Being Built?

Are Ballrooms and Parlors Still Being Built?

Are Ballrooms and Parlors Still Being Built?

In a world now dominated by reality TV and social media, we all seem to have an immense curiosity when it comes to other people’s lives. Keeping up with the Joneses (or these days the Kardashians) has become an American obsession.


Especially here in Southwest Florida there are a large number of big beautiful grandiose homes already in existence and being built. As one drives by, admiring the architectural features and lush landscaping, you can’t help but wonder what lies inside the walls.


While the smaller homes have a fairly standard room layout where you pretty well know what’s included, these larger mansion style homes often have inclusions you may or may not expect.


Game rooms, theater rooms, man caves, bonus rooms, kids play rooms, art studios, music recording studios, and yes even in the modern day of 2017 – Ballrooms and Parlors.


Ballrooms and Parlors, in particular, seem to draw to mind old style Victorian Mansion homes with well-dressed jovial inhabitants who love to entertain. An old black and white movie feel is present. It may seem old fashioned, but old is now new again.


Gatherings and parties have never gone out of style. Having the space to host did slip away for a few decades giving way to smaller more compact practical builds. The construction of custom homes is on the rise and Harden Custom Homes loves to cater to our clients’ imaginations. If you are an entertainer, considering adding a ballroom with an adjoining parlor is ideal. Guests have the space to mix, mingle, dance or lounge comfortably while enjoying hor d’oeuvres and a cocktail or two.


If you are interested to explore what the options are in a custom built home, we would love to talk with you. Give us a call 239-205-5075 or visit


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