Alternative Uses for Your New Garage

Alternative Uses for Your New Garage

Alternative Uses for Your New Garage


Many modern home designs come with a large garage intended for storing your vehicle.  But what can you do if you don’t need the garage for that purpose?  When building a custom home, it’s important to consider all of your space and how you intend to use it.  You may decide to forego building the big garage in order to add more floor space inside the home; or you might want to build the garage anyway but repurpose a part of it for another use.  Here are five ways to use the garage that don’t involve storing your vehicle.

Home Gym
It may be necessary to design better ventilation and support into the garage, but using the space for working out can be beneficial for the whole family.  Staying active is a great health benefit, and a repurposed garage can really help.  This keeps the equipment out of the main house and gives plenty of space to spread it out to be better utilized and not let people get in each other’s way.

Game Room
A game room in the garage is perfect for separating the rambunctious crowd from the main house.  You can set up a few computer systems, consoles, or a large table for tabletop gaming, as well as have a dedicated fridge for drinks and snacks.  Make sure there is plenty of storage for the various gaming components, and then make all the noise you want out in the game room.

Craft Shop
A great and traditional use for the garage is as a space for craftwork.  This can be anything from building to sewing to sculpting.  The garage can easily be converted into a workspace, with plenty of space to set out the project and work on it.  A sewing space can have a large table for laying out patterns and cutting fabric.  An art studio can have potter’s wheels or kilns, or space for a large easel.  If you want to build furniture, you can have space to assemble that in the garage craft shop.  Additionally, there is plenty of room to build storage systems to suit whatever craft you want to pursue.

Casino or Pool Hall
Like the game room above, except for a dedicated set of games, a Casino or Pool Hall could be a great place to entertain friends.  Set up a roulette wheel or poker table; or put up a pool table.  You can even incorporate a home bar into the space to serve drinks for your guests.

Man/Woman Cave
A very popular trend in the past few years is what’s called a “man cave” or “woman cave”—a space dedicated to the men or women and their friends to hang out and have a good time.  This can combine elements from all of the other ideas above, including a bar, entertainment center, gym equipment, or whatever you prefer.  The key is that it’s a space devoted to relaxing and having a good time and doing the things you enjoy doing.

There are many more ways to use a garage that don’t involve a car, and even some that do.  But whatever your needs, you can use that space to its fullest potential.  And it’s a good idea to consider these things when you’re designing the house.  You can redesign the garage itself to help facilitate your alternate use, or you can convert part of the intended garage space into a new room of its own.  But no matter what you intend to do, Harden Custom Homes can help.  Stop by the Model Home at 2818 Tropicana Pkwy W., Cape Coral, FL 33993 or call (239) 603-6083 to speak with an experienced contractor who specializes in custom home construction.

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