Accessibility – A Home Consideration as You Age

Accessibility – A Home Consideration as You Age

Accessibility – A Home Consideration as You Age

If you buy a home in your younger years there is likely little to no thought about accessibility issues as you age. If you intend to flip the home in a few years this may work out just fine, but what if you end up deciding to live in your home for a lengthy amount of time, even into your golden years?

Staircases, lofts, and landings may all seem swell when you are 30 but what happens when you reach 70 or even 80? Uneven surfaces can become difficult to navigate, as can slick surfaces like non-matte tile.

We know it is sometimes tough to think that far ahead, so consider the possibility closer in the future, of your parents or in-laws coming to stay with you. Would they be able to easily make it up to the guest room? Enter and exit the home easily?

Ways to make your new home build aging-friendly

  • If your home is multi-floor consider adding an elevator.
  • Create a no-step entry that is flush with the sidewalk.
  • No step thresholds are also a great way to eliminate tripping hazards, young or old.
  • Installing a shower with multiple shower heads. This gives you a spa-like experience and makes bathing by far easier for the elderly. It can also be fantastic for washing pets!
  • Walk-in tubs are also a very popular addition. Soaking in a hot tub is incredibly therapeutic, slipping and falling trying to get in and out is not. These tubs have hinged watertight doors that open to allow easy access.
  • Make sure the lighting is even throughout the home and that it can be well lit. Dimmers are an amazing addition allowing you full control over your light levels. Products such as Lutron Maestro dimmers will also allow preset settings and single tap button remote controls for ease and convenience.

Here in Florida, we have a large senior population. Many retirees look for homes that include features such as these. It could make eventual resale of your home easier as it would stand out on the market without needing to be remodeled before move in.

Looking to build? We would love to talk to you about your ideas and see what we can do for you. Give us a call today at (239) 205-5075 or visit our gallery of homes online at and learn more about what we have to offer!

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