Single or 2 Story Home Design?

Single or 2 Story Home Design?

Single or 2 Story Home Design?

When it comes to building your home deciding to create a single floor plan, double or even multiple floors can totally change the feel, design and of course cost of your dream home.

The factors that need to be considered include the length of time you think you may own the home, if your family may expand over time, if you will need at home workspace, or think for any reason you may at some time feel the need to do an addition as it is more cost effective to build fully from the beginning rather than piecemeal add-ons over the years.

Let’s take a look at both options:

Single Story Houses – Advantages:

  • Single story layouts generally offer more living space for the dollar because with a 2 story home funds are spent on staircases, landings, and railings.
  • One story homes are safer if you have small children as stairs can be a hazard.
  • Single story homes are more easily handicap accessible.
  • Evacuation in the event of a fire is far easier with just one floor.
  • A single story may be the only option in some height restricted communities.

Dual and Multi-Story Houses – Advantages:

  • 2 Story homes cost less per square foot because there are no additional excavation or foundation costs for the extra room.
  • They are usually more energy efficient because there is less outdoor wall to try and insulate and weatherproof.
  • Two stories can make plumbing needs less expensive as well because the pipes need to travel a shorter distance.
  • Two stories may be difficult to navigate for the elderly homeowner.

All of this, of course, is conjecture and subject to the specifications of the individual plans. Sitting down with your Harden Custom Homes consultant allows you to pick and choose options creating the very best possible home for you, your family and your life. Talk with us today. Give us a call at 239-205-5075 or visit us online at

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