Dreaming of an in-home workshop?

Dreaming of an in-home workshop?

Dreaming of an in-home workshop?

Building your new home opens up tremendous opportunity to give yourself the space to create and work. A garage can store more than your car, it can be a workshop or studio. You can add on to the design plans of the home or even modify the existing garage area already designated.

The planning state is the best time to decide and move forward, that way your space can be laid out exactly the way you want it – around your workflow.

Will your area be a craft workshop for woodworking or metal work? An art studio for painting and crafts? or something different completely?

Cabinets, benches, wall racks, all can be designed in so that the area stays well organized and easy to work in.

Having a designated area for personal, work and even family projects can help to keep your house clutter to a minimum. Making sure to add into the design ample area for scrap and debris as well as open floor workspace, lighting should be even throughout the room with specialty lamps if needed for areas of focus. Choosing a light color of paint or wall covering allows you to make the most of natural light and for the atmosphere to feel as roomy as possible no matter the square footage.

It may be helpful to add a separate circuit breaker/panel so you have enough electricity for any and all tools to be used in the shop. On bare cement, it is a wise idea to use a clear sealer or two-part epoxy floor coating. It will improve traction, make spill clean-up easier and improve light reflection.

When building custom your home can be whatever you want it to be. Talk to a Harden Custom Homes Representative today and get started on your future home!

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