What Will Your New Master Bath Look Like?

What Will Your New Master Bath Look Like?

What Will Your New Master Bath Look Like?

We all need a starting point and a little inspiration. Home is where the heart is and the heart of your home is your sanctuary. For some that may be the bedroom where you rest, and drift off to sleep, for others it may be the kitchen – if you love to cook and entertain the kitchen tends to be a gathering and socializing place. For the majority? The master bath is their own private place of peace and zen. A place where they can get some time just for themselves, soak in a warm relaxing tub and read a book or drink a glass of wine, or even just take a hot shower and wash off the stress of the day.

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When you build a custom home the main luxury you are given is the luxury of choice. Freedom to let your imagination run wild. Close your eyes for a moment (once you have finished reading this article) and envision what your ideal master bathroom would have in it.

What would it look like?

Would there be a single sink or double?

Hung framed mirrors or wall mounted wall mirror?

Dark wood? Painted? Wallpaper?

Raised ceilings?

Chandelier included?

Will there be natural light from windows?

Maybe a skylight?

What moods do you want to be able to set? (dimmer switches on all lights is ideal)

Will there be a lit magnifying mirror installed for beauty purposes?

What kind of shower would you like? Traditional? Multi-head? Rain shower? Glass doors or open tub combo? Stand alone tub?

What will the floors feel and look like – Tile, stone, marble? Will you have throw rugs?

Will you add plants for ambiance and extra oxygenation?

master bath

Really get into the details… feel and see the space in your mind.

How much storage will there be? Cabinets, bins, drawers – what do you need?

Will the toilet be in a separate water closet or in the main area?

Will you install speakers into the walls or ceiling to play music?

Will there be a bidet?

Will you include a dressing area for makeup and primping?

What kind of art will go on the walls?

What type of window coverings will there be?

Do you prefer overhead lighting or wall mounted sconces? (TIP: the combination of both give you the best lighting)

Modern, Transitional, Traditional, Beachy, Classic, or eclectic in style?

The choices are totally your own.

master bath

It is important for it to be both functional and ascetically pleasing. Working with designers though Harden Custom Homes can help you get the bath of your dreams. Give them a call today 239-205-5075 or visit www.HardenCustomHomes.com to see more in our gallery.

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