Top Five Reasons to “Go Green” with Your New Construction Home

Top Five Reasons to “Go Green” with Your New Construction Home

Top Five Reasons to “Go Green” with Your New Construction Home


With all the talk in the media lately about climate change and the depletion of our natural resources, more and more people are deciding to make the extra effort towards being environmentally-responsible within their very own homes. And while “going green” may just seem like the current trend, if you are in the planning stages for a new construction home or remodel, there are some very important reasons why you may want to consider “going green” yourself.

1. You will save money every single month on your utility bills. A green home is designed to run more efficiently, and you will personally see the savings reflected each month on both your electricity and water bills. And because green updates or appliance replacements can be quite costly, during new construction is truly the perfect time to add energy-saving appliances and a water-saving plumbing system.

2. You will feel healthier. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the air inside your home can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outside of it. Green homes are typically built with materials that contain “Low VOC’s” or “No VOC’s” (volatile organic compounds), so you can breathe easier and generally feel healthier knowing that the air inside of your home isn’t causing you harm or illness.

3. You will have less impact on the environment. Green building means working with the natural environment and making as few alterations to the land as possible. Green building also stresses the importance of limiting waste and recycling whenever possible, and not only will reusing materials save on your costs, but it can also give your home a unique, one-of-a-kind style that’s all your own.

4. Your home will last longer. People are quick to assume that recycled materials are weaker than the originals, but in fact the opposite can be true – some recycled materials can even last up to five times longer than their traditional counterparts. Homes that are built to last tend to be adaptable too, so the likelihood of needing to remodel or update your new green home anytime soon is slim to none.

5. You can sell your home for more. Due to the growing public need to conserve natural resources and be more environmentally responsible, green homes have really been shaking up the construction industry in recent years and seem to grow more and more in popularity every day. With green homes in such high demand around the United States, having an energy-efficient and environmentally-responsible home can really set your house apart among the rest in the market.

Due to the benefits of cleaner air, cheaper bills, and less impact on the environment, it’s clear that green building is much more than just a “fad,” and is, in fact, here to stay. To find out even more ways that you can benefit and save from utilizing green building in your new construction home, contact the experts at Harden Custom Homes. Whether you are in the market for a custom or semi-custom home, or simply interested in installing a few green updates in your current home, Harden Custom Homes has the tools and experience to help you “go green” now.

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