The Upside of Building Your Own Home

The Upside of Building Your Own Home

The Upside of Building Your Own Home

When it comes to deciding its time for home owner ship the main decision is to build or to buy a structure that is preexisting. While it’s nice to be able to see the finished product and be move-in ready, you have to consider how long you plan on owning the home and if it’s really exactly what you want, especially if you plan on living in it for a lengthy time.

There are some definite advantages of building a new home. You get to be the first owner, everything is new, shiny, under warranty, offers modern custom chosen finishes and colors, you know you won’t have repairs to do any time soon, and newer homes tend to be much more energy cost-efficient.

Older homes you take chances on leaky or needing to be replaced roofing, HVAC systems may fail, and all homes need upkeep especially as they age. When choosing to build or buy, you are often really choosing between convenience (being move-in ready) or customization (getting what you really desire in a home.) It boils down to – are you willing to wait? AND Do you have the time and resources to wait (stay somewhere else while it’s being built)?

One of the most asked questions is of time. How long will my new home take to be move-in ready? That depends on a number of factors. If special order items such as cabinetry, lighting, flooring or any other installed pieces end up on back order it can cause delays in installations.

Generally speaking, depending on if you already know where you are building and have the land under contract or are buying a lot from us as well as how busy our schedule is at the time of purchase. Things like weather and customer requested changes from the agreed plans can also cause time delays. It can range anywhere from three to six months.

If you are ready to begin your custom home plans we would love to speak with you. Give us a call or stop in our model home center design showroom. The model home center is located at 2818 Tropicana Pkwy W, Cape Coral, FL 33993 and our phone number is 239-205-5075.

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