The Beauty is in the Details

The Beauty is in the Details

The Beauty is in the Details

If you are ready to build your dream home, you may have spent some time admiring other peoples houses. Cutting out pictures from magazines, and saving ideas of what you might want to create.

One thing that remains constant despite chosen style, theme, colors, textiles is that the most beautiful homes are not simply uniform boxes with windows tossed in for light. There are moldings, cabinet faces, carpeting, wall textures and coverings, tile choices, and much more… what sets individual homes apart are the details.

The beauty is in the details.

The little things you don’t think most would notice, and they may not consciously and actively, they will notice as an overall impact when in a room. The difference small touches make is amazing.

Here are a few small ideas that make a huge impact.

  • Toss out the old plain white dull switch plate covers that have one screw on top and one on the bottom. They are tacky and ill-fitting half the time. Instead, opt for a product with a snap on screwless face like Lutron makes. They come in a huge array of colors to match your home and even stainless steel to match kitchen appliances.
  • Add crown molding. Not just to the living room, but to any or every room. It draws the eye upwards visually making the space larger.
  • Use interesting textured carpeting – plain tan pile carpet has been used in virtually every home in Florida for years, so mix it up a little at least in some featured rooms.
  • Window coverings add interest as well as function. Being able to dim natural light is a wonderful asset, especially if sleeping in late! Match them to your overall decor using layers, sheer curtain over a thicker blind with a decorative valance or go for wooden slats that open with a lever or even install electric remote controlled coverings for convenience.
  • Replace typical old style vents with decorative metal ones.
  • Build in wall shelving rather than buying shelves.
  • Chandeliers and wall sconces make any room more grand and inviting.
  • Stay away from hard corners. Rounded archways are far more interesting than rectangular doors.
  • Add ceiling details – medallions around light fixtures, cross beams, murals, fabric draping, get creative.
  • Divide the height of a room with a chair rail changing up the wall color or covering about 3’ up from the floor.

It will amaze you how adding small interesting touches around your home will make the space feel more personalized and far more interesting visually. Custom truly is the way to go when building a home.

If you are interested to see just how wonderful your new home could be, give Harden Custom Homes a call today 239-205-5075 or visit to view the gallery and get even more ideas.

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