Spare Bedroom Ideas

Spare Bedroom Ideas

Spare Bedroom Ideas


Spare Bedroom Ideas

 When you and your kids have each claimed a bedroom, and another one has been converted into a home office, but you still have one bedroom left over, what can you do with it?  Rather than making it a catch-all for the boxes you don’t quite want to unpack yet, maybe you can convert that space into another useful room.
Media Room

 A media room might be a nice contrast with the living room.  It can offer a second choice for the family for gathering to watch movies in a more secluded area where there’s less of a chance of interruption.  Or you may want to limit the media in the living room to encourage family time and reserve the media room for movies, music, and video games.  A media room is a great place to gather all these kinds of entertainment in one place.
Library/Reading Room

Perhaps the living room is devoted to media, but you want to offer a quiet place for reading or contemplation.  Or, if you have a large collection of books, it might be a good idea to devote a room as a library.  With a table and a few comfortable chairs, the extra room can become a great reading area that can double for homework or other contemplative activities.
Yoga/Massage Studio

Another great use for an extra room is for exercise.  Although traditionally the extra room has become a gym with weights and treadmill, consider making it a yoga studio with mats and open space for yoga, or even get a massage table for extra-special relaxation.  You might bring in additional elements to turn the room into a spa retreat. 
Bar/Game Room

If the space is large enough, consider bringing in a pool table to make it a game room, or another kind of gaming surface like a poker table or ping pong.  Adding a bar to one side can make the extra room into a great place to entertain guests or even to spend some time relaxing after work.
Pet Playroom

Although you and the kids have each claimed a room, what about the smallest members of the family?  If you have cats, consider making the extra bedroom into a cat playroom with cat “trees” and an assortment of toys and mats where the cat can relax.  Don’t forget to save a cardboard box.
There are many options for how to use that extra bedroom, including the classic option of a dedicated guest bedroom.  Whatever you do with it, be sure to make it your own and dedicate it to more than storage. 

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