Create a Spa Retreat in Your New Home Design

Create a Spa Retreat in Your New Home Design

Create a Spa Retreat in Your New Home Design

Imagine standing under a rainfall shower head while six water jets massage you from the side. Or envision coming home after a long day and sitting in your own steam shower to melt the stress away from your life. These can be a reality in your own new home design. By incorporating certain features that resonate with a spa environment, you can create your own private retreat for ultimate relaxation.

Master bathrooms have become more than just a place to wash up and get on with your day. Many new homeowners work with their custom home builder’s architect to include many spa features into their bathrooms. This includes making them larger to create a secluded space for them to “get away from it all”. Chaise lounges, recliners, and fireplaces have all found their way into master bathrooms, creating a place to wind down and relax.

New home design will bring you features such as large, deep double sinks, double shower stalls, frameless glass shower doors, large spray systems, and automatic water temperature settings. Homeowners are making room for extra-large whirlpool bathtubs to soak away the stress. Some people have even opted to put in surround sound speakers to play soothing music as any spa retreat would do.

You can make this retreat in your new home design by coordinating all the elements that a spa would use in their place of business. Not only can you build a beautiful retreat, but by accessorizing the master bathroom with fluffy towels, slippers, robes, and scented candles, your once “sterile” looking bathroom can become warm and cozy.

If this is the type of master bathroom that you would like in your new home design, call us to discuss how we can incorporate a spa setting into a new build. Harden Custom Homes encourage our clients to make their home their own. Call 239-205-5075 or contact us through our website at

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