Save time with a home gym

Save time with a home gym

Save time with a home gym

We all make excuses as to why we can’t go to the gym or work out. Admittedly, it does consume time you could be using for other things in life and if you have a family, it can detract from the amount of time you are able to spend together.

The average American spends a minimum of 15 minutes in the car going to the gym and another 15 coming home. That is 30 minutes a day x oh, say just 4 days a week. That is 2 hours a week just in the car, not even counting your actual work out. 2 hours a week may not sound like a lot but over the course of a year that adds up to 104 hours of driving.

The solution? Unless you happen to live right near a great gym, the solution is to build your own home gym. If you are just now planning out the blueprints to your new home, it is the ideal time.

Here are some amazing in home gym ideas to consider when drawing up the plans.

The square footage and design will depend on your workouts and your fitness style and goals.

Treadmills require approximately 30 sq. Ft. and free weights can go in anywhere from 20 to 50 square feet to use properly. Working with our architects can help you to narrow down and specify how much room is needed.

Other items to consider installing:

Mirrors/Mirrored wall: Not only do they make the space look visually larger, when working with weights it is important to remain body aware and make sure your movements are correct in order to gain the most benefit as well as to help ensure non-injury.

Install Flat Screen TV’s: Add multiple or situate on a movable wall mounted pedestal so you can see the screen from any angle in the space.

Surround sound music: Unlike the public gym, you aren’t required to wear earphones and keep your tunes to yourself.

Install Seating: a place to relax after a workout and catch your breath, or chat with a friend who has joined you as a workout partner.

Add a fridge: Keep beverages cold, perfect for during or after workouts.

Keep down the clutter: Install wall build storage units. They save space as well!

Ceiling fans are a must: Aim for high flow, energy efficient and make sure the blade pitch is angled enough to really push the air.

The more your love your environment, the more time you will spend in it and in turn, the better physical shape you will be in. Let our team at Harden Custom Homes make your home the very best it can be. To get started on building your home complete with an in-home gym, visit: or call (239) 205-5075.

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