Oh the Difference Doors Can Make

Oh the Difference Doors Can Make

Oh the Difference Doors Can Make

The majority of doors in homes here in Southwest Florida are pretty standard. 2 Sides of plywood and a standard issue doorknob. Not interesting, but functional. After all, who really thinks much about their doors?

You would be surprised as to what a difference you can make in the appeal of your home by replacing the generic door with something of interest.

Types of doors you may not have thought of:

Pocket doors – These charming additions are fantastic space savers. Wonderful for areas where a wide swinging door would be prohibitive. Bath areas, hallways, even studies and kids rooms where there is shelving behind where a door would sway. Pocket doors are recessed to slide directly into the wall so that the door simply disappears when opened.

French Doors – French doors have multiple panes of clear glass separated by wooden or composite dividing lines. They give a feeling of openness even when the room is closed off. French doors add a touch of elegance to any room. They come in single or double.

Barn doors – Again this style comes in single or double. They slide along an installed piece of track mounted above the door opening. The metal is often incorporated into the look of the overall door itself. These can range from rustic to polished and modern.

Sliding glass doors – Florida style homes generally will have a lanai space. Adding a sliding glass door doesn’t have to be boring. Glass can be customized, stained, even wooden framed and folding along the track. Get creative.

Vault Style doors – These steampunk | Panic room inspired inner doors look amazing. They are a focal point and a conversation piece. They are great for office areas, studies, studios, man caves and more!

Front Door – the front door of your home IS the show stopper. You cannot go to anyone’s home and not notice the front door. Its the first impression, the entryway and the threshold to the rest of your dream home. Options for a jaw-dropping front door are virtually endless. Wood, metal, standard, windowed, mail slot options, sculptural forms, rectangular, curved, ornate knockers, and peepholes for safety. There is no right or wrong choice, only your personal taste and style brought to life.

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*Door pictured courtesy of Victor Klassen

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