Hurricane Irma – Is your home hurricane ready?

Hurricane Irma – Is your home hurricane ready?

Hurricane Irma – Is your home hurricane ready?

Hurricane Irma has now been upgraded to a category 5 hurricane with wind speeds topping 175 mph. Now is the time to protect your home.

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As kids, we were read the story of The Three Little Pigs. One built their house out of straw, one of sticks and one of bricks. Building material choice is important, though there may be no big bad wolf we sure do have some big bad storms and the very last thing you want is to have your house blown down.

After Hurricane Andrew packed a punch with sustainable 165 mph winds back in 2002 Florida’s building codes were amended statewide. All of Harden Custom Homes are built to meet or exceed standards using concrete piling and all of the latest hurricane reinforcements available.

Builders, like Harden Custom Homes,  now use straps reinforcing the connection between the roof and the walls thought out the home along with reinforced concrete. These newly built structures are incredibly solid.

Things to remember when building and designing your new hurricane proof dream home:

During the storm, it is vital to cover your opening (windows and doors) even if you have installed impact-resistant glass. Flying debris is a huge danger, the more protected your home is, the better! The garage door is the weakest spot in most homes – adding additional bracing in the design can help significantly during a storm. Without doors and windows secured properly the roof can be more easily torn off due to suction from high winds entering the home.

It isn’t JUST wind that’s an issue – Flooding can be a problem as well. Having a drainage pump handy even though we do not have basements here in Florida can be helpful. If water gets in your home, you want it out as fast as possible to minimize damage.

The power could be out for a while! – Having a generator handy could make your post storm experience a far better one. After all, if your home is flooded, how are you going to power that sump pump?

In short, proper building structure from the start is key and with Harden Custom Homes designers you are protected, following the above tips along with being well insured should the worst happen allows you peace of mind as well as financial security in your investment.

If you are considering building in SW Florida talk with us. 239-205-5075. We are Florida’s premier custom builder keeping your family safe for over 40 years.

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