Home Entertaining Made Easy

Home Entertaining Made Easy

Home Entertaining Made Easy

Ever consider building a home bar or entertainment area?


Our homes are not only where we live, they are also a gathering place for family and friends. When custom building a home it offers you the freedom to really make it your own.


Traditionally, people tend to gather in the kitchen. It’s the center of activity, but what if your home had a separate bar/lounge/entertainment area? This would free up the kitchen simply for food preparation and allow the guests to mix and mingle without being underfoot.


The area does not need to be an entire room, it can be a portion of a kitchen, a dining area, or even part of a bonus room, theater room or game room. Living in Florida where the weather is lovely pretty much year round it opens up the home to expand the space to include outdoor living. Building a Tiki type bar area is fairly common practice.


What to include:
-Built in wall module or free standing bar (or both)

-Add an island – Adding an island gives you more room to work when preparing drinks and Hors d’oeuvre as well as an area to congregate

-Bar stools may be added around the island

-Individual comfortable seating areas for relaxed conversation

-Built in sink for prep and clean up

-Refrigerator for beverage storage

-Shelving for bottle display

-Cabinets for storage

– A bar cart is a lovely functional vintage touch and enables you to serve many drinks at once gracefully

-Stereo system for musical ambiance

-Great mood lighting with dimmers, of course


Your Bar, Your Style.


From kick back relaxed Florida Jimmy Buffet Tommy Bahama Tiki style to Swank Vintage James Bond Classic your entertainment area can be dressed up or down to match the personality of the home and those who live there.

Chat with Harden Custom Homes today and work with them to create the home of your dreams. www.hardencustomhomes.com 239-205-5075.

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