Hidden Rooms – The Hottest Trend in Luxury Homes

Hidden Rooms – The Hottest Trend in Luxury Homes

Hidden Rooms – The Hottest Trend in Luxury Homes

We have all seen hidden rooms and secret passageways in old movies and remarked about how cool they were and how awesome that would be to have in your own home, so – what’s stopping you?


When you work with a custom home builder like Harden Custom Homes you are only limited by your imagination. It’s often said that your home is your castle, so build it accordingly. Consider not only what is practical but what is fun and possible.


Often when thinking of these extravagant ideas older Victorian style homes come to mind. A tall building with a large attic, tons of extra room in the basement and a multitude of rooms. Florida isn’t home to architecture like that. It doesn’t mean you are any more limited, just that you need to be more creative.


Here are some innovative ideas to help stir the imagination


  • Bookcases – Built in wall unit bookcases are an ideal and classic way to disguise an unseen room. Elaborate multi panel wall unit or small standalone corner bookcase, craftsmanship is key. Smooth hinging and well-fitting carpentry make a seamless transition from actual shelving to door.
  • Cabinets – Though “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” may come to mind, armoires are not the only kind of cabinet which can be made into a hidden passageway.

             Hallway Laundry Cabinets give way to hidden stairs or a back room

             Pool cue built in wall holders push in and become a door to another room

             Shoe Racks in a closet can be built like a door to open within

  • Dressers – These amazing dressers work just like a normal piece of furniture. The drawers pull out for storage, only there is a hinge on the wall, the back of the unit is attached and all drawers are contained inside of a box which opens like a door, revealing the hidden area.
  • Fireplace Hideaways – these come in two styles, push to rotate the back panel or slide sideways to open. Both look and function as real fireplaces.
  • Hidden wall features – Accent walls are a great place to conceal a secret door. Stone, wood, fabric all mask with texture.
  • Mirrors – Regular mirror doors, two way mirrors so you can see out of the secret room without being spotted, and even vault style security doors that have electromagnetic locking systems in place. All cleverly disguised as full length wall mirrors.
  • Wall Paneling – Multiple paneled walls are in detectable as to which panel would give way and lead somewhere else.
  • Stair Cases – Can lift, revealing rooms beneath/behind.
  • Floor Panels – Can be raised to reveal wine cellars, man caves or other hidden treasures.
  • Slides, Poles and Ladders – Installed to lead from one floor to another.
  • Art as Camouflage – Giant wall art or Posters can also cover a door and look to the naked eye as a simple wall adornment.

If you can dream it, Harden Custom Homes can help you create it. They can be reached by calling 239-205-5075 or contacted through the website at HardenCustomHomes.com.

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