Getting Creative with Your Driveway

Getting Creative with Your Driveway

Getting Creative with Your Driveway

While it may seem that a driveway is a driveway, these days that could not be further from the truth. Driveways have come a long way since your grandparents bought their house.


Driveways can be as unique as the home itself and are an integral part of the landscaping. They can be formed from crushed stone, small loose rocks, gravel, cement, concrete, imprinted concrete, aggregate, pebble, asphalt, brick, or even pavers. They can be straight, curved, angled or even pattern designed. There is no single set right or wrong. Because of this the creativity can flow even blending of sources to pull from so that multi or mixed media drives are created.


The property address can be embedded at the end of the driveway rather than using the traditional on house markings, geometrical patterns can be laid out, even spaces can be left open to accommodate current or planned trees, plants or shrubberies. Patterns can be embedded in concrete with colored washes added creating very interesting looks such as faux wood, or different color rock which would not be available at a reasonable cost to form such a large driveway out of otherwise.



Driveways are now being laid out to visually complement the home design as well as the landscaping, adding to the overall curb appeal and property value, especially in the event of eventual possible resale.


The theme of the driveway – texture, and color can be wrapped around or carried through to the back-yard patio or swimming pool area or other areas of the property for continuity.



Matte finish or glossy, textured or smooth, options abound. What will your new driveway look like? Work with Harden Custom Homes to create your dream home today. Visit online by going to or calling 239-205-5075.


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