When Form Melds with Functional Art

When Form Melds with Functional Art

When Form Melds with Functional Art

When we hear the word “Art” we may automatically think of paintings or statues but in 2017 art is breaking all the rules. It no longer must hang on your wall or sit behind encased glass. Functional art is all the rage.


More than ever home customization is taking the place of standard cookie cutter architectural plans. With that comes the open-door to creative expression. When a builder works with a client to create their dream home it allows them to get in on the design process on the ground floor. This means the options are endless.


There are many elements which can be purchased from artisans rather than standard manufacturers allowing you to choose colors, textures, sizes, and much more.


Here are a few ideas for adding some functional art into your home:


Glass Art – Glass art can make an amazing addition with a lot of impact. Glass sinks, Tables, Glass Pendant Lighting, Glass counter tops and even glass lamps. When light shines on or through glass art not only does color gleam, often times you get amazing refractions and shadows adding dramatic effect to a living space.


Staircases – Staircases can become works of art – be it metal, wood, glass, or other materials.


Furniture – Filling your space with one of a kind pieces adds interest, glamour and becomes a topic of many future conversations.


Other Elements –  Room dividers that double as benches, Tables with rope centers that untwist and double as an in room multi person swing, Water features can be customized as can fire pits and outdoor elements including sandboxes and playgrounds.


If you can dream it, Harden Custom Homes can help you create it. We can be reached by calling 239-205-5075 or contacted through the website at HardenCustomHomes.com.

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