Designing Your Yard Right from the Start

Designing Your Yard Right from the Start

Designing Your Yard Right from the Start

Landscaping and Lighting can make or break the look of a home from the outside. So many people get wrapped up in designing the home itself they overlook the yard.

Landscape design can begin right at the same time as the blueprint for the house is being laid out. Working with a good reputable landscape crew and architect can make life easier and give you an amazing overall result right from the day you take possession of the keys to your new home.

Adding shade trees, accent bushes, shrubs, and trees, choosing stone areas, fountains, play areas for kids, swimming pool landscaping (if you are installing a pool within the design) with rock features as well as plant can add atmosphere and serenity to any yard. Climbing vines, yard plants, and flowers can beautify as well. Your consultant will help you to choose climate appropriate choice plants so that they flourish in our tropical climate with minimum upkeep.

Adding lighting for both safety and beauty are important as well. Outdoor lighting outside of the home itself, yard lighting is generally low voltage and small trenches must be dug in order to bury the lines. It is important as a fore thought as you do not want to be digging up a newly planted lawn.

Uplighting large palm trees, having lights sheer the side of a home as an accent wall, accent path lighting, varied colored filters, bulbs and even gobos (gobos cast designs in light) for holidays and events can be used to achieve different effects.

Thinking in a big picture mindset from the get-go of creating your dream home ultimately gives you the very best outcome and the home you have always dreamt of. Here at Harden Custom Homes we have over 40 years of experience and are experts at taking your ideas and bringing them into reality.

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