Is Copper In Homes the New Brushed Nickel?

Is Copper In Homes the New Brushed Nickel?

Is Copper In Homes the New Brushed Nickel?

The standard for years in both remodeling and new home construction has been brushed nickel accents, fixtures and appliances. The outlook and projections for 2017 are a little different.

Copper in homes has re-emerged as a major contender in sinks, kitchen appliances, range hoods, baths, and door and drawer handles as well as accents on mirrors, wall art and frames. It is such a unique color and texture that it can easily be incorporated into styles ranging from the most modern Bauhaus designs to transitional to more classic styles like Country French Provincial, even upscale rococo with ornate trappings work splendidly.

More and more accents are being created in copper finishes as well. From mixers and back splashes to lighting fixtures, switch plate covers and even bath tubs and shower wall tiles.

Copper can add a new depth and color palate – from standard copper to expanded available hues of copper penny, yellow brassy copper, and even bronze copper.

When it comes to deciding to use copper in your home, there is no doubt that the over all vibe is warm and comforting, no matter what style you choose. It’s a great way to make very modern design less harsh simply by the replacement of material.

The benefits are not just aesthetic

Can copper benefit your health?

Copper surfaces reduce 99.9% of bacteria including antibiotic resistant super bugs. This includes MRSA  In one study MRSA was completely killed after 45 minutes at room temperature when exposed to copper. Comparatively on stainless steel it remained alive after 3 whole days. This makes copper the ideal surface for kitchen counters and sinks.

If you are looking for an updated look for your new kitchen, consider copper and talk with your builder. Harden Custom Homes openly welcomes new and innovative ideas. They can be reached by calling 239-205-5075 or contacted through the website at

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