Have You Considered Building a Solarium?

Have You Considered Building a Solarium?

Have You Considered Building a Solarium?

Nearly all Florida homes have a deck, porch or lanai. Very few have a solarium.

What is a solarium and how is it different from a traditional lanai?

A solarium is essentially a grand glass enclosure from which you can enjoy breathtaking views not just of the landscape but also of the sun, moon, planets and stars – no matter what the weather. The main difference is that solariums have glass roofs as well as walls/windows.

This type of enclosure brings nature indoors. Plants flourish because of the natural sunlight available. They make wonderful green houses.

Solariums can be utilized as reading rooms, relaxation spaces, yoga and meditation studios, art studios, dining areas, entertainment spaces, greenhouses, and much more. These spaces are incredibly versatile.

Frame and glass choice can be customized. Metal, painted, faux wood finishes, clear glass or tinted – hurricane proof is recommended here in Florida. You can add screening to minimize glare, and every solarium is customized to your specifications and your lifestyle.

Dramatic weather is what Florida is known for. Bright beautiful beaming sunlit days and stormy rainy nights. Whether you are sitting back taking in the sun with a glass of homemade lemonade or cuddled on a chaise lounge, wrapped in a blanket drinking a glass of wine watching lightning shoot across the blackened sky, a solarium is the room to do it in.

If you are looking to build, talk with Harden Custom Homes and be sure to let them know you are considering adding a solarium to the plan. Custom homes start at just $225,000, so your dream home can be yours. www.hardencustomhomes.com

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