Choosing your homes color pallet

Choosing your homes color pallet

Choosing your homes color pallet

For many, it can be a daunting task to go over your home design plans room by room trying to visualize spaces that don’t actually even exist yet. If you are building a new home, chances are you are planning on designing this move the way you really want to live rather than dragging along old furniture many people buy entirely new keeping only pieces they truly love as focal points.


It really can get overwhelming when you realize the actual number of choices needed to create a home. Tile, paint colors (interior and exterior), fixture finish choices, wallpaper or wall coverings, Roof tile color and material, Light fixture finishes, granite countertops, even down to small details like switch plate covers.


Being proactive and picking out furniture helps tremendously. If you have an idea of how you are considering laying out the home and with what items, it can make color picking simple.

When you meet with your Harden Custom Homes advisor they can help to guide you step by step and room by room piecing together your dream home.


Though many new home buyers stick with monochromatic pallets, it can also be fun to add color and spice things up a bit.


Tips and tricks for color choice:


  1. Pull an accent color from a vase, rug, couch or any other focal item that will be in that room.
  2. Using lighter colors toward the top of a room and anchoring with dark at the bottom extends the space upwards visually, giving the area a larger more open feel.
  3. For super bright or dark colors, try an accent wall rather than painting the entire room. Whole rooms done in overly powerful colors can feel overwhelming to be in and make the room actually seem smaller than it is.
  4. Ensure proper balance. Use the 60-30-10 rule. 60% dominant color, 30% secondary color, and 10% use of an accent color by way of accessories.
  5. Personal style counts! – Think of where you may hang your paintings and artwork. This is a great way to plan space. Pull colors from the art itself to use in that room.


Color is a very personal choice. What one person may love the next may hate. When it’s your home, your opinion is what counts. If you are ready to build Harden Custom Homes would love to talk with you about the endless array of options we can offer.

Give us a call today 239-205-5075 or visit and view our numerous galleries to get ideas!

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