Build a Hurricane Proof Dream Home

Build a Hurricane Proof Dream Home

Build a Hurricane Proof Dream Home

With Hurricane Irma still fresh in all of our minds when considering building a new home here in Southwest Florida hurricane proofing to the very best of our ability has become a major concern.

Though there isn’t much one can do in regard to storm surge and flooding being as we live, on average here in SW Florida, at 13 feet above sea level there are many plan modifications that can be made in the design process which could save you hassle, grief, raised insurance premiums due to claim and replacement cost in the future should another major hurricane make landfall as a direct hit.

What’s different in a modified hurricane resistant home?

Hurricane Resistant Windows – The big one is hurricane windows. Normal glass, when faced with wind speeds of 100+ miles per hour having projectiles hurdled at can break and shatter leaving your home open to water and wind damage, trashing your belongings.

Garage Doors – Wind Load Requirements must be met by Florida law. This area of Florida must be able to hold up against a wind load force equal to 180mph.

Roofing – Roofs are specially designed as well to withstand excessive wind force. Bracing, clips and internal tie downs may be used.

Doors – Hurricane proof doors with the best seals available to keep water and wind out are installed keeping your home sealed up tight during a storm.

While there is no guarantee on any home being 100% hurricane proof taking the right steps, especially when starting from scratch in a design of a new home can drastically reduce the risk of any damage or loss should the worst occur.

Another interesting design idea is that of a nonconventional rounded home. With a home that does not have squared sides and angles wind cannot build up enough pressure to cause stress failure. When combined with an optimum roof pitch, the wind is deflected instead of merely weathered.

For other interesting design tips and ideas for your new home talk to us. Harden Custom Homes has been building in Southwest Florida for over 40 years and has earned a stellar reputation.

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