Freestanding Master Bathtubs – What is Driving This New Trend?

Freestanding Master Bathtubs – What is Driving This New Trend?

Freestanding Master Bathtubs – What is Driving This New Trend?

Surprisingly bathing only became socially popular as a standard grooming habit in the late 18th century. These days we can’t imagine going for any period of time without a nice hot shower or bath. Our love of bathing takes us to a new level of design when planning out a home build. The master bath becomes a focal point not only functionally but also aesthetically.

From the 18th to late 19th century there were porcelain coated cast iron cast claw foot tubs. Though wonderful to bathe in, the updated newer models were more shallow, saving on both water and electricity as well as space. The more modern design tubs were also lighter and easier to maneuver for installation purposes. They also began to be made in colors besides just standard porcelain white which seemed to appeal to buyers greatly.

In past recent decades, the master bathtub has generally been up against a wall and mostly worked into a corner fitted against 2 walls. With the advent of garden and jacuzzi tubs, they have also been surrounded by raised areas and tiled. This model concept has worked since the early 1920’s in home building and design.

The new trend that seems to be emerging is a totally new concept. A freestanding tub that is elegant and simple almost like an eye-catching piece of furniture.

Whats behind this change?

Standard tubs, garden tubs, and jacuzzis often sit unused. These monstrously sized and encased tubs take up a lot of square footage making your bathroom feel smaller. They also can take too long to fill and use up a ton of water and power.  Because of this, the more time efficient, water efficient shower stall has become the daily go to.

Additionally, as the baby boomer generation has gotten older many are forgoing tubs all together as climbing in and out can be cumbersome for elderly homeowners. This has lead to less shower/tub combinations installed in non-master baths as many are opting for a simple shower you don’t have to step over a barrier to get in.

As for these new free standing tubs…

When form meets function – wow can it be stunning. Take a look at just a few of the trending 2018 master bath concepts.


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