5 Trends in Bathroom Design

5 Trends in Bathroom Design

5 Trends in Bathroom Design


People are increasingly looking to make their bathrooms and bathing areas more and more comfortable and augment the atmosphere of relaxation.  This is making bathroom layout and design a much more involved process than it has been traditionally.  Here are five trends for custom bathroom design that you might want to consider for your new custom home.

Master Suite “Retreat”
Traditionally, even though the master bedroom often has its own private bathroom, the two are separate.  However, there is a trend now in merging the two together, to make the bedroom and bathroom more connected.  As bathrooms become more and more comfortable and inviting, they have become increasingly more a part of the bedroom.  Relaxing in the bathtub can be done right in the Master Suite.

Freestanding Bathtubs
More and more, people are opting for a freestanding bathtub away from the walls and maybe set near a window for a comforting view while bathing.  These freestanding bathtubs can also be a stylish piece of furniture and centerpiece to a bathroom, which influences the layout and design of the bathroom itself.  This can lend to a greater sense of relaxation in the bathroom environment.

Bigger Showers
Like bathtubs, showers are also becoming more centralized and given more prominence.  One trend is to make showers more spacious, allowing additional accessories and space within the shower.  Shower stalls with two “stations” or additional water features (see below) are common.  These give people a sense of relaxation and retreat, lending to the atmosphere of comfort in these new bathrooms.

Custom Water Control
The age of the single shower head is coming to an end.  People are more and more looking for alternate water delivery and control.  Overhead sprinklers and “rain”-style showerheads can be augmented with sideways-shooting delivery.  People are also using thermostatic mixers to control temperature of multiple spouts, as well as touchscreen-operated showers. 

Built-in Media
Many people enjoy listening to the radio or musical playlists while bathing, or even watch TV or movies from the bathtub.  New bathrooms are increasingly being built with these amenities in mind, allowing for mounting screens and speakers or incorporating them into the design.

Modern bathrooms are becoming more and more elegant and spacious, and there are many features that people want.  When you’re considering the design of your new custom home, don’t forget to consider the bathroom and bathing areas.  But whatever your needs and desires, be sure to talk with Harden Custom Homes and our experienced custom home contractors.  Stop by our Model Home at 2818 Tropicana Pkwy W., Cape Coral, FL 33993 or call us at (239) 603-6083.

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