2017’s Most Sought After House Characteristics

2017’s Most Sought After House Characteristics

2017’s Most Sought After House Characteristics

Over the years, trends change. What are new home buyers looking for in 2017?


Home owners are looking to get the most out of their space and the most bang for their buck. You may think you can’t afford a custom home and have to settle for whatever is currently on the market, but that really isn’t the truth. SW Florida’s own Harden Custom Homes with over 40 years of experience starts customization of homes at only $225,000.


What people are saying are their must-haves of 2017


Flexible floor plans: Homes, especially in Florida, have large open rooms that can be adapted and used in a multitude of ways. Bedrooms can easily become office spaces, dens, a mancave, a nursery, play room or sitting/reading rooms.


Private Outdoor Spaces: Lanais, decks, patios and outdoor spaces are hot right now. Florida has gorgeous weather and creating a livable fresh air space for personal use and entertaining can add greatly to a home’s appeal. Privacy can be achieved with landscaping, fencing, walls, or a combination.


Raised Loft: sometimes called a “Net Nook” is a great way to hide the computer area of the home. Lofts are also great as a guest room.


Natural Light: Light and airy is key these days. Big windows, skylights, sliding glass doors, screened in lanai areas all allow natural light to flood the house. This can keep the electric bill lower and your mood elevated.


Kitchens – The gathering place: No matter how spacious your home is, everyone will always gather in the kitchen. Cooking and chatting is a family bonding tradition. Creating a large open kitchen with plenty of space is important. This allows for many to gather without feeling crowded. Oversized islands and bar areas work wonderfully. They are functional for cooking and double as seating or buffet serving areas.


Easily Accessible Storage: Cabinets and shelving placed at heights the homeowner can reach without step ladders that have pullouts or nested areas or even lazy Susan’s’ help to keep items within reach.


Laundry Room Located near the Master Bedroom: Especially if the master bedroom is upstairs. It is far easier to toss dirty clothes in the actual laundry basket than to throw it in a hamper and then have to haul it down a hall or down the stairs to get them clean.


Oversized Master Bath: Separate tub and shower areas are preferred over the combo. Dual vanities allow couples to get ready at the same time without being in each other’s way.

Advanced Spa Features: Oversized rain showerheads, waterfall features, and Jacuzzi tubs

Can give your home a resort like feel.


High-Performance Appliances: Washers, dryers and kitchen appliances with the latest features and top energy efficiency.


Low voltage lighting: Low voltage lighting means thinner cords, brighter bulbs, more control over light output, pendant lighting over bars, wall sconces add a layer of depth to a room, and path walkway lighting and landscape lighting can give your home life at night.


When you are ready to begin putting together your dream home, give Harden Custom Homes a call. We can be reached by dialing 239-205-5075 or contacted through the website at HardenCustomHomes.com.



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